Apart form its flipbooks series, Arty Latino is developing this year its new Landscape-Format Books collection. These trade-format books join photographs and texts alternating literary forms such as essays, travel chronicles, and graphic testimonies.
Ruta 40
IT TURNS OUT IMPOSSIBLE TO ISOLATE A ROUTE FROM ITS HISTORY; AS IT IS inevitable to separate the road tempo from its own account rhytm and mythical implication. RN 40 (Ruta Nacional 40) is the longest route in Argentina: 5,200 kilometers linking Patagonian cold weather with aridity from northern sand. And halfway, lakes and mountains, forests and volcanoes, deserts and glaciers, as well as stories anchored to images, hanging on words. Reasons enough to think of Ruta 40, a book which combines photographs by Alejandro Guyot with texts by Sonia Renison, not only as a route diary but also as a record of everything that makes up a path. That is to say, distances plus time plus people plus landscapes. Or to put it short: five thousand kilometers to be contemplated and others to be told...

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