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Politics, sports, tango, and their protagonists are just some of the passions deeply rooted in Argentina's imaginary. That is why a history plenty of images is more than enough material to be captured in Arty Latino's flips and included in its Argentine Icons collection.
The goal of the century
MEXICO, JUNE 22ND, 1986. ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN… That afternoon, in the unforgettable match between Argentina and England, Diego Maradona built up - step by step, inch by inch and in only ten seconds- the most extraordinary goal in the history of soccer. The "Hand of God" goal had been scored just a few minutes before, and within a few days, Argentina would achieve its second World Cup.

Evita inmortal
STANDARD-BEARER OF THE HUMBLE ONES, QUEEN OF THE "DESCAMISADOS". Leader of people who loved her madly, but also one of the most controversial figures in the Argentine history of the XX century. Eva Perón lived fast and died young, like a movie star, as a revolutionary gleam. She was only thirty three years old -in 1952- when the myth, the myth that today the whole world knows as "Evita, the immortal", was born.

The hand of God
DID HE USE HIS HAND? The truth of what it was considered a secret shared by millions of witnesses that watched it on TV for so many years is definitely a minor anecdote. What no one can deny after "that" goal on June 22nd, 1986 vs. England is Diego Maradona's outstanding ability to conjure the most extraordinary moves ever seen. Minutes later the Goal of the Century would be scored, and in a few days Argentina would win a second World Cup. He did use his hand. But who cares?

Che Lives
WHAT'S THE DISTANCE BETWEEN A MAN AND A MYTH? Some say it is history. The time that takes a look to become a universal picture. Ernesto Guevara, known as "Che", has always walked a step forward in History, always ahead. That's why his eyes were and still are the eyes of many of his former and present followers: a lively way to see the world. What's the distance between "that" kind of men and a myth? Just one step.

Villa Fiorito
WHAT WAS DIEGO MARADONA DREAMING ABOUT BEFORE TURNING INTO MARADONA? Those days at Villa Fiorito, the neighbourhood that saw him grow up, witnessed the black and white passion of a boy beginning to wear the myth clothes. Glory. Fame and worldcups were to come later, naturally. First, one dream had to be dreamt: to be Diego Maradona.

THE 'MOROCHO FROM THE ABASTO', AN ICON FROM BA. The Legend Is popularized as time goes by and Carlos Gardel excels his own myth to turn into a pagan image, having the world at his feet. The man with the unmistakable and rapturous voice has a colorful smile which evades sepia and black and white apathy. The 'Zorzal Criollo' sings better that ever, that's for sure. But he is also a heavenly dancer who shaves the floor by stamping his feet and following his heart.

Sandro of America
THE SO-CALLED 'GITANO' UNLEASHES PASSION AND HYSTERIA AS HE SHAKES ON STAGE. Like few in Argentina, Sandro knows the formula to make the masses quiver with excitement: his gorgeous voice and sensual waist, his handsome profile and songs performed on screen. A wild combination of fatal, irresistible insolence and voluptuous movements. When Gitano swings a whole continent trembles... that's why he is called not only Sandro but also 'Sandro de América'.

NOVEMBER 1970. THE MOST POWERFUL RIGHT FIST ON THE GLOBE ARRIVES IN ROME. His intention is to take away the champion's title in his own turf. The result was assured; nobody gave a dime for the argentine born in Santa Fe. Nevertheless, one, two, a left punch… A right cross. It's a knock-out. Nino Benvenuti falls to the mat; Carlos Monzon covers himself in glory. There follow 14 fights defending the title and the new champ is unbeaten, something never seen before. World boxing hails a new giant, the greatest middleweight in history.

A man on horseback: skills are put on the line for manhood. That was typical of  the gauchos, and previously, of the Indian raids galloping down the Argentinian Pampas. It also defines Polo: the ability to perform miracles with the mallet and shove the ball through the field to score a goal or humiliate the rival, all the better. I believe it also hides the secret meaning of being an Argentinian male. The risks, turns, ribbling moves. A life or death game. Federico Jeanmaire

El Negro Olmedo
What makes an ordinary man become a myth? No one knows for sure. Yet, everybody knows that Alberto Olmedo, one of the greatest comedians in the legacy of Argentine TV, qualifies for the honor. A tragic death and destiny deprived us of watching him again imploding the TV -a device which, thanks to his talent and joy, metamorphosed into an electronic prosthesis of the superb humorist. For the rejoice of entire families and lonesome audiences, a massive delight. Fabián Casas

The Goal of the Century + Hand of God + Villa Fiorito
20th Anniversary Edition Box

MÉXICO, JUNE 22ND 1986. Both of Maradona´s goals against the English cannot be understood separately. They complement each other and make up a whole, which constitutes a real epic of the Argentine. None of them are enough on their own. That afternoon, twenty years ago, the cheating goal, the irregular goal The Hand of God, was completed with the extraordinary goal, the best of any goal ever scored: The Goal of the Century. Martín Kohan.
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