Arty Latino Ediciones       

Established in 2003, Arty Latino is an independent publishing house made up of professionals devoted to the publishing industry for more than 15 years who held top level positions in local and international companies related to edition, production, marketing and communication of the book market.

From the beginning, Arty Latino has concentrated on the production of art books emphasizing their know-how in flipbooks. Famous characters and popular anecdotes set in motion are the raw material the company combines, with techniques from primitive cinematography and testimonies.

Since 2007, Arty Latino has developed two new collections: "Apaisados" and "Verticales". These trade-format books join photographs and texts by alternating literary forms such as essays, travel chronicles, and graphic testimonies.

Arty Latino: art books created with a craft consciousness. A way to show Argentina to the world, an Argentine way to read the world.

ALEJANDRO GUYOT. Photographer and book trade specialist. He was in charge of one of the most important and recognized bookstore chains in Argentina. As a photographer, he collaborates with national and international press media firms. He conducted several individual and group exhibits.
In charge of Arty Latino's book development and production.

IGNACIO IRAOLA. Publisher; Marketing and Institutional Relations Director. He has been a senior staff member at an international top-level publishing firm for fifteen years. He is in close contact with the book mass market and the sales dynamics of large commercial spaces.
He is in charge of Arty Latino's institutional management and commercial development.

MARIANO VALERIO. Book trade specialist, publisher, and journalist. He has been in charge of the Argentine version of a well-known French cultural weekly journal for six years. He also collaborates with national and international media firms. As a book trade specialist, he was in charge of one of the most important and recognized bookstore chains in Argentina. He currently works as a publisher at a top-level international publishing group.
He is in charge of Arty Latino's books publishing.

ÁLVARO CALDELAS. Graphic designer, and photochromist. Throughout his professional career, he helped to consolidate one of the most recognized studies in Argentina. He has had fluid contact with the national and international graphic industry for over fifteen years. In the production of books and magazines, his work is key to the design of objects requiring special attention to details.
He is in charge of Arty Latino's books production and design.